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Kiglics István: Japan in hesitating transition

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Gyártó: ELTE Eötvös Kiadó Kft.
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Várható szállítás: 2022. december 05.


Kiglics István: Japan in hesitating transition

This book deals with a period of a quarter of a century during which the Japenese economy went through a turbulent period, feeling necessity of changes and struggling to solve the issues thatled up to a series of reforms. During this period the world changed enormously The first time I came across this research field, the system was working miraculously and was admired worldwide. However, I had the opporutinty to investigate it to greater depth from the 80s when i spent considerable time in japan as a researcher at the Tokyo University. Later on, I returned to IDE, a MITI research institution to teach at the Ryukoku University; I am currently employed there as a professor. The period I spent in japan with research and teaching unfortunately coincided with these historically changing time. The Japanese economy seemed to arrive to a turning point, and the leaders in political and economic life were forced to consider other future options. This book is about my research and daily experience related to the reform period, the daily struggles of political, social and economic life.


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Szerző Kiglics István
Kiadás éve 2011
Kötés fóliázott karton
Nyelv magyar
Oldalszám 254
ISBN 9789633120361